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    • Logos, Stationery, Brochures, Leaflets.
    • Bespoke Website Design & Development.
    • Targeted E-Marketing.
    • Stunning Photography.
    • Promotional Merchandise & Exhibition Stands.
    • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter).
    • Full Printing & Shop Signage Service.


    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.


    • Ideas Driven & Consumer Focused.
    • Award Winning Design & Marketing Experience.
    • Making Your Budget Work Harder & Go Further.
    • We Realise Every Client Is Different.
    • A Happy Client Is A Returning Client.
    • Over 12 Years Of Professional Experience.
    • We Love What We Do.
    What we do and how we do it


    Meaningful design that achieves quality, whilst maintaining its ability to communicate effectively, is certainly no easy task.This is an environment in which good design needs to be understood, appreciated and ardently accepted, and where profit is proved not to be the only motive. Goodchilds Media prides itself on the greatest gift of all…IMAGINATION.

    Creative thinking that can be developed into a visual tool which is widely accepted and commonly appreciated is the most rewarding feeling for our design teams, therefore we pride ourselves on this very ideal.

    Goodchilds are focused on generating the right results for you, be it new business, improved sales leads or increased brand awareness. Highly effective and creative design ensures you communicate the right messages and gain the maximum impact.

    For top quality design and marketing assistance, Goodchilds are second to none and we know you won’t be disappointed with our high levels of service and attention to detail.

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    There comes a time for every business owner when they realise their website is no longer good enough. Priorities change, businesses grow, technology develops. And if you haven’t set aside time every year to review your site and check it reflects all the exciting things going on in your business, it can come as quite a shock to see how out of date it’s become, and how it compares against your competitors.

    Until now, it has been easier to bury your head in the sand, and focus on other ways of marketing. But as a committed business owner you will have plans for growing your business and introducing the essential systems that will enable your business to flourish. A good website is part of that plan for growth.


    • Get a website built from scratch, almost anything is possible.
    • Build your reputation and your online profile
    • Get as many pages as you need to showcase your products and services
    • Benefit from purposeful, professional design that reflects your branding.

    You can rely on Goodchilds to provide a thorough consultation, to listen, and get to know you before any significant decisions are made. You will receive an obligation free consultation (or telephone call if you prefer) and a detailed quotation before you have to make your final decision.

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     A key way of generating new leads is driving traffic to your website and converting these visits to business.
    One of the most powerful marketing tools available to do this is email marketing. No matter how you define success, you can achieve outstanding results with email marketing – why, because it’s TARGETED, MEASURABLE INEXPENSIVE and IMMEDIATE.

    TARGETED so that you can communicate personally.
    Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them to return to your website. You can easily target your emails by source, interest, or sales stage.

    MEASURABLE so you can understand where the best returns come from.
    Unlike other marketing vehicles, results from email campaigns are easily measured. Results are reported in terms of “opens”, which report how many people saw your offer or newsletters, Click Through Rates (CTRs), which measure how many people actually clicked on the links in your email, and in many cases, who actually clicked on those links.

    INEXPENSIVE because there are no print and postage costs.
    Email marketing is an affordable way to stretch a tight marketing budget – and whose isn’t these days? Unlike direct mail, there is virtually no production, materials or postage expense.
    Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail, and can cost pence per email.

    IMMEDIATE because it generates an immediate dialogue with your customers.
    Email marketing generates an immediate response. The call to action is clear: “Click here to take advantage of this offer”, or “to learn more about this service”, or to “attend this event”. Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of the time the email campaign is sent.
    Overall, email communications sent to your prospect and customer lists, can single-handedly improve the ROI of all of your lead generation marketing.

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    Somewhere in the region of seventy percent of all knowledge is achieved visually, so it is obvious, that as well as extending the range and language of communication, the camera is probably one of the most “Personalised” machines for capturing intimacy in action & creating intimacy by the sense of direct visual contact. This makes photography a primary method for negotiating any situation by visual means. Day or night, either in the studio or on location, Goodchilds prides itself in being able to offer a professional, high quality yet personal service for all our clients.

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